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Sharks Seen Daily.
No experience Necessary.


All Levels Welcome!

Sharks Seen Daily.
No experience Necessary.


All levels welcome!
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Face to Face Shark Adventures in Cape Cod

Looking for a professional shark diving service in Cape Cod? Cape Cod Shark Adventures is the leading shark diving adventure service in the Northeastern United States. With over a decade introducing guests to the majestic pelagic shark species off of Cape Cod, our professional team of shark experts possess the rare combination of skill and expertise to help our guests safely get in the water with the ocean’s apex pedators. Cape Cod is the natural habitat of a large and diverse shark population. During summer months when the water is warm enough for us to take charter guests, species like blue sharks, makos, great whites, basking sharks and thresher sharks all call the rich and fertile fishing grounds off of Cape Cod their home. Our flawless safety record and experience with sharks allows us to show our guests a top of th eline shark diving experience while respecting the natural wonder and beauty of these amazing creatures.

Face to face diving with sharks in the Northeastern United States

Shark Diving adventures in Cape Cod for divers of any level!

Cape Cod is home to many species of shark during the warmer months of the year. From June through October species such as blues, makos, threshers, great whites, and basking sharks call the waters off the island home. Cape Cod Shark Adventures has spent the last decade refining the shark diving process off of the island of Nantucket. Our pristine safety record and number of days on the water combine to provide a world-class experience for our guests who are looking for an unforgettable ocean experience both on the surface and under the water.

Best of all, our experienced shark professionals routinely assist divers of all skill levels with shark adventures to suit their needs and diving experience. For more experienced divers we provide freediving shark adventures, while new divers are welcome to join us for shark dives. Our mission at Cape Cod Shark Adventures revolves around providing our valued charter guests with a safe, responsible and memorable shark experience. Join us for a shark dive, or come aboard and get a first-hand view of all the action without ever stepping foot in the water. For an experience you won’t forget, book a trip with us for the day of a lifetime.

Whether it’s your first time in the ocean with sharks or this is your 100th dive, our team will help you feel at home as you enter the underwater world of Cape Cod’s sharks. Our primary focus is to provide our guests with an amazing and safe shark encounter that is simply unforgettable. For guests that don’t want to get in the water with sharks we also offer shark viewing trips and whale watching where you can encounter majestic marine wildlife without ever leaving the comfort of the deck of our boats. Explore our website for more information, or please contact us with any of your shark diving questions today!


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Thrilling Shark Adventures

Join us for an amazing shark diving adventure in the waters off of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard!

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The Sharks of Cape Cod

Meet some of the exciting shark species you can dive with on an open water shark dive with Cape Cod Shark Adventures.

An image of a shark in the water on a cape cod shark diving adventure.

Learn more about Cape Cod Shark

Cape Cod Shark Adventures helps people get in the water with sharks off the Northeastern United States!

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Quality Photo & Video Packages

Create memories that last a lifetime with our high quality photo and video packages!

Passionate about Sharks & Shark Diving

About Cape Cod Shark Adventures

Shark Adventures in Cape Cod!

Cape Cod Shark Adventures was founded in 2010 by coast guard licensed Captain Bryce Rohrer. Bryce has worked on the water and with sharks for over a decade. His work has taken him to Alaska, working as a commercial fisherman, to South Africa, where he served as a principle shark dive guide. He has a deep understanding of ocean wildlife and years of experience safely navigating its waters. He has worked with several professional underwater photographers and has years of experience bringing clients out on water. With over 100 shark dives under his belt and having guided hundreds of clients in the water, he has the experience to make your day a success. When Bryce isn’t on the water, he is traveling or working to expand his underwater production company and shark diving business.

Sharks seen every trip! No Certifications Necessary! Join Us! 

All level divers welcome!


Our Shark Conservation Mission

Dive into Cape Cod Shark Adventures

Open Water Dives

For more experienced divers and professionals looking to capture a perfect film or photo opportunity, our shark free diving adventures are the perfect solution. There is nothing more exciting than being in the wild, open ocean with a variety of shark species. At Cape Cod Shark Adventures, our team possess the rare combination of skill and experience to get you in the water, cage-free, to dive with the sharks of Cape Cod.

Shark Viewing

Looking for an amazing shark adventure without ever getting wet? Our team proudly offers guests the chance to see and interact with the sharks of Cape Cod all from the comfort and security of the deck of our shark boat. During these trips, we often encounter other types of wildlife including whales and dolphins.

Whale & Seal Watching

Whales and seals are plentiful around Cape Cod. This is a non-diving trip and a great way to spend the day.

Our Shark Diving Process

Our mission is provide our customers with a once in a lifetime experience with sharks.


Sharks Seen Each Trip

Our Cape Cod Shark Diving Sites provide a plethora of exciting shark species daily.


No training or Certifications

We welcome divers of all levels. Even first time divers! Join our adventure no matter what your experience level!

Everything you need provided!

At Cape Cod Shark Adventures we provide everything that you need to have a fun and memorable day on the water! Join Us!


Face to Face Encounters

Getting in the water with sharks is one of the most engaging and amazing adventures you can have! Let our pros show you the ropes today!
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Amazing Shark Encounters in Cape Cod

Cape Cod Shark Diving Trips

Face to Face Shark Encounters

All Experience Levels Shark Diving

We make shark diving in Cape Cod an amazing experience!

We require a deposit of $250.00 to secure the date of your booking.

If we encounter bad weather the day of your adventure, we happily offer a refund of your deposit or an alternative charter date.

The bulk payment is due the day of the charter.


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An image of sharks in the water on a cape cod shark diving trip.

Shark Dive in Cape Cod with us!