Looking for a professional shark diving service in Cape Cod? Cape Cod Shark Adventures is the leading shark diving adventure service in the Northeastern United States. With over a decade introducing guests to the majestic pelagic shark species off of Cape Cod, our professional team of shark experts possess the rare combination of skill and expertise to help our guests safely get in the water with the ocean's apex pedators. Cape Cod is the natural habitat of a large and diverse shark population. During summer months when the water is warm enough for us to take charter guests, species like blue sharks, makos, great whites, basking sharks and thresher sharks all call the rich and fertile fishing grounds off of Cape Cod their home. Our flawless safety record and experience with sharks allows us to show our guests a top of th eline shark diving experience while respecting the natural wonder and beauty of these amazing creatures. Whether it's your first time in the ocean with sharks or this is your 100th dive, our team will help you feel at home as you enter the underwater world of Cape Cod's sharks. Our primary focus is to provide our guests with an amazing and safe shark encounter that is simply unforgettable. For guests that don't want to get in the water with sharks we also offer shark viewing trips and whale watching where you can encounter majestic marine wildlife without ever leaving the comfort of the deck of our boats. Explore our website for more information, or please contact us with any of your shark diving questions today!.

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