Are you a film or media team that's looking for a world-class service to help you capture specific oceanic wildlife photography and videography? At Cape Cod Shark Adventures, our team is well-versed in helping teams of all shapes and sizes with professional wilfelife film production in New England and throughout the United States. Our experienced shark teams have well over a decade of experience assisting production teams with finding and encountering sharks and other marine animals for specific film needs. We do everything necessary to assist film and media teams with wildlife production including finding your unique species, and putting your team in the center of the action to capture these majestic animals on film. We specifically cater to film, media and research teams that are looking to document or research sharks and other oceanic wildlife off of the coast of Cape Cod. Our support network can help your team with any scale production, and our expert shark wranglers can assist your team in the water with shark behaivor to help you better control and manipulate your production to achieve your desired film or photographic goals. Most of all, our team has the experience necessary to put your crew in the best position possible to make your production a success. If you are interested in our film produciton capabilities, or need more information to know if Cape Cod Shark Adventures can best help you team, please contact us with your questions and a member of our team will be in touch with you promptly.

What we offer:

- Stable & Seaworthy Downeast Boats

- U.S.C.G Licensed and Insured Captain and Crew

- Full Coast Guard Licensed Safety Equipment

- Full Electronics GPS, Radar, Sonar

- Professional Spotter Plane Assistance

- Professionally Built Polycarb Shark Cage

- Experienced Safety Diver & Underwater Camera Assistant

- Extensive Marine Intel Network Surrounding New England

- Professional and Experienced Crew

- Ability to Travel Throughout New England  (Specialized in the Cape Cod and Islands Area)

Trips Available:

Great White Trips:  We specialize in getting film crews and researches up close with Great Whites in the Cape Cod area.  With over 6 years of experience working with white sharks we know how to get them to the boat.  Using various chumming and attracting methods we also use full time spotter plane support to help us locate and interact with great whites.  We are on full time standby for any white shark event such as a dead whale or concentration of sharks in one specific area.  Once locating sharks we offer full: cage dive, safety dive, deck, camera, and marine support. 

Call for Price, Trip Includes:  Fuel, Spotter Plane, Full Boat and Crew, Equipment & Operational Use, 6 Passenger Total

Blue & Mako Shark Trips:  We provide first rate film, media, and research trips targeting blue and mako sharks.  We have been running these trips on a commercial and private basis for over 6 years.  These trips cater to blue water photography and videography, providing the shooter with an average of 40 - 80 ft visability to work in.  Our crew caters to all logistical and operational aspects of this trip.  Diving can be done freediving or using our shark cage.  

Call for Price, Trips Includes:  Fuel, Full Boat & Crew, Equipment & Operational Use, 6 Passenger Total

Basking Shark Trips:  From June through July (Peak Season) we offer basking shark expeditions for research and media purposes.  For these trips we rely on intel from fisherman and spotter planes to put us on where the sharks are.  It is not uncommon to come across dozens of these sharks on a single trip.

Call of Price, Trip Includes:  Fuel, Full Boat & Crew, Equipment & Operational Use, 6 Passenger Total

Whale/Turtle/Dolphin/Seal Trips:  We can target these animal from May through November and cater to the individual needs of researchers and media crews covering them.  With a wide range of networks and spotter plane support we can find these animals on a daily basis. 

Call for Price, Trip Includes:  Fuel, Full Boat & Crew, Equipment & Operational Use, 6 Passenger Total

For any other marine interests please contact us for further information.

We cover all aspects of the expedition all you need to do is bring your camera equipment.  All equipment needed to find and work with wildlife is provided by the boat.  We are also available to cater to and work with any special needs.

Contact Information:
Bryce Rohrer

PHONE:  (305) - 395 - 9140

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